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Providing training to improve the quality of lives for people with developmental disabilities.

Combining Personal Education and Commuity Training

Beyond Accommodations provides training to individuals with disabilities, their family and friends, and the community at large.  In providing education and training we can work together to provide individuals with disabilities the support and understanding required to allow them to achieve their goals.

Our Story

At Beyond Accommodations we have been front and center to the issues that surrond those in the disabilty community. The impact that it has had on each of us has driven our passion to work to relieve the stress of navigating accommodations.

We are driven to brige the gap between the general community and the disability commuity and foster relationships to provide a better understanding of how each person in the community can go beyond accommodations for those with disabilities.

Our Mission

At Beyond Accommodations we understand the impact a disability can have on an individuals life.  We are working to provide training to both the individual and the community to move past basic accommodations.

We strive to go beyond accommodations to implement the tools and training needed for individuals with a disability to have access to a community that supports them and assists them in living their best life.

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