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Providing training to improve the quality of lives for people with developmental disabilities. 

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Our courses are designed to offer education and training to everyone.  They are great for employers, self advocates, caregivers, teachers, first responders and many more.  Our courses build an inclusive community to support those with developmental disabilities to be active participants in all areas of the community.

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First Responders Training

Relationship and Risk Reduction

Workforce Readiness

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First Responders Training

First responders training is to help first ressponders identify, communicate, and assist individuals with disabilities.

We also offer a training for people with disabilities on how to respond when interacting with first responders.


Relationship and Risk Reduction

People with disabilities are at an increases risk of being victims of sexual assualt.  This class is for individuals with disabilites and caregivers.  We discuss all aspects on relationships and how to lessen the risk of sexual assault.


Workforce Readiness

Companies interested in hiring individuals with developmental disabilites would benefit from this training.  We provide assistance with how to interview somone with a disability, how to train your employees on how to work with someone with a disability, what the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities are and much more.

For people with disabilities we offer career training, interview skill training, and how to prepare for meaningful employment.


Expert Instructors

Our instructors bring a unique set of qualifications to offer in depth training to the commuity.

Annie Cummer

Annie Cummer

CEO and Instructor

Training and Certifications:

Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council Partners in Policy Making Graduate- Completed 2017

Sexuaity Education for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities – Completed January 2020

Workforce Readiness Training – To be completed in September 2020


Northshore Families Helping Families Board
2017-08 – 2018-12

Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities(OCDD) Florida Parish
Services Regional Advisory Committee(RAC)
2017-08 – Present

Northshore Community Health System Board
2019-04 – Present

Jeff Arseneaux

Jeff Arseneaux


Training and Certifications:

Sexuaity Education for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities – Completed January 2020


Ken Vince Memorial Award 2019

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